About Us

Where it all began…

Ogi (pronounced Ogee) Designs was founded by Joan and Michael Pritchett, driven by their shared passion to craft custom pieces that ignite conversation and evoke emotions.

At the heart of Ogi is the belief that imagination and creativity find their true expression in meticulously crafted, functional furniture. Our commitment to the craft is evident in each creation, where a spirit of imagination meets an unwavering focus on quality and detail.

Michael, an experienced artisan with over 30 years in the field, began his journey with just a few tools gifted by his mother. Recently parting ways with MDN Cabinets Inc., a respected industry leader he founded in 1987, Michael’s return to being an artisan heralded the birth of Ogi Custom Furniture and Designs. His innate ability to creatively create and build is at the core of what he does best.

Together, as a dynamic team, Michael and Joan possess the know-how and expertise to turn visions into tangible realities.

As a team, Michael and Joan have the know-how and expertise to turn visions into realities.

Crafting dreams into reality:

Mike Pritchett of Ogi Designs, meticulously carving a bespoke piece of wood for a valued customer. Every stroke tells a story, every detail reflects dedication. If you can dream it, we can build it.

What We Offer