Welcome to Ogi Designs!

If you can dream it, we can build it.

As you approach our haven, keep an eye out for our friendly bear, your signal that we’re open and eager to welcome you into our creative space. When our bear friend is on a brief break, it means we’re currently closed, but we’re already looking forward to your visit when we’re back, ready to carve dreams into reality. See you soon!

Founded by the visionary duo, Joan and Michael Pritchett, Ogi Designs is not just a furniture brand; it’s a destination where craftsmanship meets creativity in a symphony of bespoke excellence. Beyond exceptional custom furniture and unique gifts, we are dedicated to crafting pieces that tell unique stories. Explore our world of imaginative designs, where every curve and every detail is a testament to the artistry and expertise that defines Ogi.

Your journey into a world where dreams are carved into reality begins here at Ogi Designs. See you soon!